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Mom-Son Intervention Team Inspired by His Addiction

More info…Debbie and Brandon Knauss Were First Public Intervention on Dr. Phil drug addiction

Sandler-produced ‘Boom’ is a delightful popcorn flick

More info…NASHUA ? The increasing prevalence of opiate addiction is leading directly to levels of street-level prostitution never before seen in Nashua, according to police. official drug abuse hotline

New insight into basis of opiate addiction

More info…Chronic morphine exposure has the opposite effect on the brain compared to cocaine in mice, providing new insight into the basis of opiate addiction, according to Mount Sinai School of Medicine researchers. hotline

Novus Medical Detox Center Helps High-Dosage Heroin Users Safely and Successfully Withdraw from Opiate Addiction

More info… News Reports Suggest Heroin Abuse on the Rise Following Prescription Pill Crackdown; Novus Provides Detox Programs That Can Accommodate Even High-Dosage Opiate Users (PRWeb August 20, 2012) Read the full story at drug rehab

Drug Addiction and Gay Men

It’s simply no secret that right now there are a great deal of individuals located in the United States and throughout this planet that troubled because of destructive addictions to both valid as well as outlawed drugs. This has already been the scenario for a… Continue reading

#1 Retailer of Kratom – A Popular, Natural Opiate Alternative for Oxycontin and Other Pain Medications – Announces New Blend

More info… The natural herb Kratom is helping people with chronic pain get off of addictive, expensive opiate-based medicines like Oxycontin. (PRWeb September 15, 2012) Read the full story at official drug abuse hotline