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Gazette.Net: Counselors, addicts to discuss heroin addiction in Montgomery County

More info…Drug treatment specialists will host a community forum on opiate and heroin addiction in Montgomery County at Damascus High School on May 3. official drug abuse hotline

Confronting my disease

Lots of individuals have trouble confronting their particular illness plus recognizing they could have an habit. You’ll be able to get started consuming alcohol or even using drugs without spotting the hold they start to take on your life. Many people start out their addictive… Continue reading

Author Karen Steward Warns Rise in Pain Killer Prescriptions May Endanger Adhesions Patients

More info… Author and activist Karen Steward cautioned today that as the number of opioid pain medication prescriptions for chronic abdominal pain rises, doctors may overlook the signs of intestinal adhesions, a potentially life-threatening condition. (PRWeb December 29, 2011) Read the full story at hotline

Tobacco Addiction

Using any sort of tobacco is quite a lot like abusing booze and substances. The materials found in smoking and also smokeless tobacco products, namely the pure nicotine will be really addictive. This is certainly evidenced by the large number of those who continuously start… Continue reading

Safe Opiate Detox & Recovery From Opiates Including Oxycontin Addiction; Inspire Malibu Brings Breakthrough Scientific Advances To Patients Of Opiate Withdrawal

More info… A second drug company has confirmed it will manufacture and market a new form of Hydrocodone in a pure form addictive painkiller. Hydrocodone is the main ingredient in Vicodin, Lortab and other powerful painkillers. Dr. Mohammad at Inspire Malibu applies breakthrough scientific advances… Continue reading

Drug addiction blamed in crime spree

More info…AUGUSTA — Ricky Allen Lane said Wednesday that an opiate drug addiction led him to take part in a dozen crimes in nine days, including an armed home invasion in Manchester. drug rehab