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Long Sleeved Summers, a Timely, Must-read Memoir About Addiction and Recovery, is Officially Available

More info… What happens when a pharmacist entrusted with helping the public’s welfare becomes his own best customer? First-time author Michael Janflone has taken his story to the public, and none too soon as addiction continues to rise, especially when it comes to high dose… Continue reading

Age specific treatment centers

Recovering from drug or alcohol dependency has never been simple for most people. It can be, however, possible to improve the overall chances of achieving success in therapy by means of participating in age specific treatment centers. These centers offer the identical kinds of treatment… Continue reading

Greenway Doctors Encouraged by Rise in Cannabis Research and Studies Indicating Cannabis Effective in Treating Serious Illnesses

More info… The legalization of medicinal cannabis in a growing number of states and countries has opened up new areas of study and research, which is very exciting to the industry in general, and thrilling to Greenway doctors, who pride themselves in keeping up with… Continue reading

Art Therapy in Rehab

Comparable to music therapy in treatment, art therapy inside rehabilitation provide patients with constructive outlets for feelings, thoughts and emotions they will otherwise fight to communicate.

Torrington Residents React to Proposed Methodone Clinic

More info…TORRINGTON – On April 13 city residents presented a petition to City Hall opposing a proposed methadone clinic at 241 Kennedy Drive, the former Boy Scouts of America offices. The space is across the street from a cancer treatment center and a day care… Continue reading

Weed Wars TV Series Sparks Interest in Patient Rights and Medical-Social Justice Issues – Final Episode Airs Tonight on Discovery Channel

More info… This weeks final chapter of the well-received Discovery Channel medical marijuana reality series shows how Deep Green is transforming the 420 marijuana holiday from a day of consumption to a celebration of holistic human and ecological health where cannabis plays a role, according… Continue reading