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Minnesota heroin addicts hooked via prescription opiates

More info…Ed Yaekle was a heavy opiate and heroin user and dealer when he was arrested in 2006. He's now clean and warns of the drugs' dangers. Rates of prescription opiate abuse have steadily risen across the country, but Minnesota is unique because it's also… Continue reading

Rehab for Depression and Anxiety

Major depression is the major reason for disability in the United States. Seeking aid from a rehab facility for depression and anxiety can go a long way in quickening the process of recovery. Whilst prescription drugs may relieve the actual symptoms of the often debilitating… Continue reading

Safe Opiate Detox & Recovery From Opiates Including Oxycontin Addiction; Inspire Malibu Brings Breakthrough Scientific …

More info…A second drug company has confirmed it will manufacture and market a new form of Hydrocodone in a pure form addictive painkiller. Hydrocodone is the main ingredient in Vicodin, Lortab and other powerful painkillers. Dr. Mohammad at Inspire Malibu applies breakthrough scientific advances in… Continue reading

Leading Non 12 Step Rehab Program, Malibu Horizon Pays Tribute To Betty Ford By Raising Awareness About Prescription Medication Abuse

More info… Pioneer Of Non 12 Step Model Dr. Akikur Mohammad And His Team Launch Awareness Campaign About Opiate Abuse (PRWeb July 22, 2011) Read the full story at drug abuse

Author Karen Steward Warns Rise in Pain Killer Prescriptions May Endanger Adhesions Patients

More info… Author and activist Karen Steward cautioned today that as the number of opioid pain medication prescriptions for chronic abdominal pain rises, doctors may overlook the signs of intestinal adhesions, a potentially life-threatening condition. (PRWeb December 29, 2011) Read the full story at official… Continue reading

Anonymity at rehab

Federal laws under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides that every health and insurance providers must safeguard the privacy of patients. All staff members in treatment and rehabilitation facilities is well trained in connection with this and any patient’s anonymity is safe with… Continue reading