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Meditox Opens NorthWest Headquaters for Drug Detox Center

More info… Leading Medical Detox Program Expands to Better Serve Pacific Northwest Region. An estimated one in five Americans have become physically dependent at one time or another to some form of opiate-based prescription medication or painkiller, such as OxyContin®, Percocet®, or Vicodin®. Meditox’s new… Continue reading

Help beyond addiction

More info…Every Friday, Stephen rises early and drives from his Dorchester home to a little yellow wooden building alongside Interstate 93 for his methadone dose. But unlike in most methadone clinics, now he can also seek other forms of treatment there – for high blood… Continue reading

How Can Rehab Help You?

People start using drugs because they succumb to peer pressure and media images that say drugs are cool. Then, they continue using drugs because they become physically addicted to the drug. Right? Although societal messages and the addictive properties of drugs no doubt play roles… Continue reading

Effective Drug Rehabilitation Opposes Prescribed Heroin Trial in Canada

More info… The Canadian government approves and pays for a clinical trial to give heroin and methadone to over 400 addicts. (PRWeb February 16, 2005) Read the full story at drug rehab

Rihanna Rehab

Music sensation Rihanna is definitely on the top of billboard charts any time she launches a completely new single she makes. Having said that, when she published the tune “Rehab”, it stimulated much debate regarding the real context and meaning of the song. No, it… Continue reading

Dr. Sponaugle of the Florida Detox & Wellness Institute Applauds Rick Scott for signing Pill Mill” Bill

More info… The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program is not perfect, but it will enable Attorney General Pam Bondi, and her team, to focus on illegitimate pain specialists and the pain clinics whose doctors routinely prescribe opiate pain pills to out of state residents. (PRWeb June… Continue reading