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Addiction Help Here and Drug Reactivity

When given moderate dose of addictive drugs, the sons of drug addicts, who are most likely at increased risk for drug addiction, experience less impairment, subjectively, in their cognitive and motor performance on some physiological harm than do the sons of people who are sober… Continue reading

Drug Rehab

• It is an alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the plant coca. It is a central nervous system stimulant and it also suppresses the appetite. Cocaine is the name of this alkaloid.

Support From Bipolar Corner

At times, when we find ourselves in a negative kind of emotion, we feel that no one understands us. The people we love would console us but then in our mind, they never really identify with us. It makes the situation more complex and heartbreaking… Continue reading

Drug Addiction and Drug Rehab in Society

Societies differ in their attitudes concerning substances with psychoactive effects, some viewing their utilization as a matter of individual preference and others viewing it as a critical public health and security concern. These attitudes are reflected in different laws and approaches to treatment Many Muslim… Continue reading

Women and Alcohol Addiction

When one hears the word alcohol addiction, immediately a picture of a man will appear in one’s mind. This is how the stereotype of alcohol addiction on every society. However, the stereotype has changed and society has to accept the fact that there are now… Continue reading

All About Co Occurring Rehab

Co occurring disorder is not a very famous disorder. Despite its unpopular status, co occurring disorder is a very serious problem. Just what do we mean when we say co occurring disorder? Co occurring disorder is a condition where in a person has an alcohol… Continue reading