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The Importance of Drug Rehab Clinics

Making an individual to recover from drug addiction is to make use of drug rehabs that are available. The main goal of drug rehab is to make an individual stop the use of drugs and live a normal and healthier happy life. This discontinued use… Continue reading

Drug Treatment Rehab Programs

At the turn of the new century, drug addiction has been experienced with increasing statistics. In the United States, more than 30% admit to having used drug on a certain point of their life. With these 30%, about 11% are in need of the substance.… Continue reading

Rising Drug Use in India Prompts Methadone Recommendation by UNAIDS

More info… Less well known are the risks involved in methadone use. Most people do not realize that methadone is addictive itself and recent years have seen a marked increase in street sales and abuse of methadone. Individuals who abuse methadone risk becoming addicted to… Continue reading

Depression Treatments

Anyone’s life can be ruined by depression. No matter how old are you, it does not spare you. When you are young, depression can leave a big mark of psychological and social scars that you will forever put up with. When an adult is inflicted… Continue reading

The Problems of Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is being used to describe the co-occurrence of mental illness and substance-abuse problem of an individual. A large range of psychosocial issues and multiple relating illnesses can be experienced by an individual who has dual diagnosis.When one faces dual diagnosis, the physical, social,… Continue reading

The New Year Can Be the Best Time to Tackle Drug and Alcohol Addiction

More info… Nationally-Recognized, Richmond, VA-based The Coleman Institute Helps Patients Start Anew Read the full story at drug addiction