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A New Medical Protocol Offers Hope to People Trapped in Methadone Maintenance

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Rehabilitation for Opiate Addiction Without Maintenance Drugs

More info…(PRWEB) January 30, 2010 — According to recent survey information from the Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS), more than 350,000 people throughout the country entered some form of treatment or… official drug abuse hotline

The New Year Gives Rise to Opiate Addiction

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The New Year Gives Rise to Opiate Addiction

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For addicted veteran, regulation is enemy

More info…In the space of a few hours, on bomb-clearing patrol near Balad, Iraq, US Army Corporal Eric Small and his unit were rocked by three separate roadside explosions. He sustained serious injuries to his head, back, neck, and hip. Smalls combat days were over.… Continue reading

Education, intervention, treatment key

More info…Questions on opiate addiction came in faster than they could be answered during an online video chat Monday. hotline