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Two New Opiate Detox and Methadone Addiction Treatment Websites Launched by Meditox of Palm Beach

More info…(PRWEB) August 11, 2005 — Meditox of Palm Beach, a successful outpatient Opiate Detox Clinic in West Palm Beach Florida, has seen the need to expand their… official drug abuse hotline

Cypresso’s Blog: Liquid O (Heroin) Usage Rising In Texas

More info…An addictive drug is creeping its way into Houston’s suburbs, and into the hands of teenagers. Police are arresting more and more youth in possession of the powerful opiate “black tar heroin.” drug abuse

Terrorists High on Opiates, Says Addict Expert Doug Thorburn

More info…Read how addiction expert Doug Thorburn believes that most of the Muslim suicide bombers are high on opiates and other substances. This is not the first ime he was written on a topic that has been revisited after the Fort Hood massacre and the… Continue reading

Suspected ‘OxyBandit’ robber surrenders (KGW NewsChannel 8 Portland)

More info…PORTLAND, Ore. — The suspect in pharmacy robberies across Southeast Portland and as far away as Newberg surrendered to Portland Police on March 22, a spokesperson said. Robert Stephen Webb, 54, was suspected of robbing pharmacies in Portland, Albany, Newberg and Woodburn. In all… Continue reading

The big push (Metro Times Detroit)

More info…Third Coasts Ypsi compassion center. Fast times in Washington, D.C. (12/16/2009) A Royal Oak stonemason makes his case with a hunger strike Pickup lines (11/25/2009) Will curbside recycling work in Detroit? official drug abuse hotline

Casein: The Opium of Fast Food Addiction?

More info…Cheese, milk, cereals, infant formula, nutrition bars, coffee whiteners, formulated meats and dressings may contain casein or caseinates. Casein is the most commonly used milk protein in the food industry. It may increase the risk of cancer, autism and obesity. Casein peptides mimic the… Continue reading