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New study indicates growing number of people are abusing prescription painkillers (News-Medical-Net)

More info…This entire year was marked by an abundance of media coverage and attention surrounding prescription painkillers, largely the result of widespread misuse throughout Hollywood. drug addiction

Our Nation’s Addiction to Information

The boob tube, the internet, twitter, facebook, alcohol, cigarettes, food, you name it. Our nation is addicted. It is human nature to be addicted. Do we choose our addictions or do they choose us? Is it in our genes? Who knows? But the fact that… Continue reading

Gulfs Narcotic Noose (Khaleej Times)

More info…The emergence of the Dark Continent on the key intersection of intercontinental drug trafficking has sounded off alarm bells in the power corridors of the world. official drug abuse hotline

How a 12 Step Campus Indirectly Changed My Life

While going to college I have seen first hand how a 12 step campus can help a person. While not an addict myself, I have alcoholics in my family, and my group of friends. One of my closest friends joined a twelve step programon campus… Continue reading

Palmyra women face drug charges (

More info…The two were found with drugs after allegedly trying to steal clothes. drug rehab

Psychiatric Diseases

In the words of the great President FDR -“Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.”.