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Medical Director of New York’s Addiction Recovery Institute Named Top Doctor in Pain Management for 2004

More info…NEW ROCHELLE, NY (PRWEB) July 8, 2004- A renowned national authority in the areas of pain management, anesthesiology, and anesthesia assisted opiate detoxification, Dr. Clifford M. Gevirtz has… drug abuse

Motivational Tweets: 25 of the Most Inspiring Users on Twitter

More info…Thursday, September 17th, 2009 by Steven 0Add a CommentQiana Mestrich is the Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Manager at Beliefnet, the largest inspiration and spirituality website. She manages their Twitter account @beliefnet.Many motivational leaders are harnessing the social power of Twitter to spread… Continue reading

Two New Opiate Detox and Methadone Addiction Treatment Websites Launched by Meditox of Palm Beach

More info…(PRWEB) August 11, 2005 — Meditox of Palm Beach, a successful outpatient Opiate Detox Clinic in West Palm Beach Florida, has seen the need to expand their… drug rehab

How the brain hard-wires us to love Google, Twitter, and texting. And why thats dangerous.

More info…Slate : Seeking. You cant stop doing it. Sometimes it feels as if the basic drives for food, sex, and sleep have been overridden by a new need for endless nuggets of electronic information. We are so insatiably curious that we gather data even… Continue reading

Meditox Opens NorthWest Headquaters for Drug Detox Center

More info…Palm Beach, FL and Edmonds, WA (PRWEB) November 14, 2007 — Meditox, one of the nation’s leading and fastest growing home-based medical… hotline

Percocet Drug Addiction Due to Powerful Oxycodone Medication

More info…Percocet drug addiction can occur in three weeks or less of regular use. Percocet pills are just a prescription drug, but because of the highly addictive oxycodone medication contained within each pill, the potential for Percoset addiction is quite high, like any other pain… Continue reading